QR Codes – Over Hyped?

Social Media Today just put out an article called QR codes – don’t believe the hype. In this article, the author does his best to discount and slam the use of QR codes. While he has one or two good points, I tend to disagree that QR codes are useless.

QR codes are no necessary or helpful for every business or every product advertised. QR codes on billboards or in TV commercials don’t make much sense to me. But codes in magazines and other print make sense. People need to have time to scan the code, and trying to scan a code while driving 70 mph down the freeway doesn’t work too well.

The codes need to link to something relevant. Don’t just link it to your website or an article – no one will care. It should link to a short video or coupon or something your consumers can engage with in a short period of time. It could be good for customer service. Link the code to a customer service form that can be sent straight from their device.

The author says that no one understands them. I tend to agree with that statement, but most people recognize them. All it takes is a one time app download and that person is ready to scan away. QR codes should target younger, tech savvy consumers. My 83 year old grandmother will never scan a QR code, so Depends shouldn’t use QR codes in their marketing efforts.


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