How Much Social Media is Too Much?

eMarketer poses an interesting question in there recent post titled, “Is Social Media Marketing at a Saturation Point?” eMarketer estimates by the end of 2013, 91% of US companies will be using social media for marketing purposes. Facebook obviously dominates as far as which service most companies use and Twitter is a distant second.

So will social media marketing hit its saturation point? That is an interesting question. 91% of companies is a lot of companies. The unfortunate thing is that, I am assuming, most of those companies have no idea how to use social media to benefit their business. They think, “Well Bob has a Facebook page for his business. I should have one for mine.” If companies can’t monetize their social media efforts, I do believe it will reach a saturation point. But I also think that savvy companies will still thrive and succeed with social media.

Companies need to stand out on social sites. And in getting closer to the saturation point (whatever that point is), they will need to stand out even more. Like websites, having a Facebook page and/or Twitter account is the first step. But how are you using them to benefit your business? How are you using them to stand out from the other 91% of companies?


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